Available as a PDF, a Paperback Gift Version. Also available for Kindle and coming soon for iBooks.

If you have ever lost a child through miscarriage, stillbirth, or infant or child death then you know the devastating pain and the hurt that it causes.  There doesn’t seem to be any hope in the loss of a child and it seems as though there is no way to move forward and be healed from the loss.

But there is hope.

It isn’t a hope that removes all of the pain or the missing but it is hope for comfort and being made whole again. Often mothers feel that if they get past the pain they are dishonoring their child but, in fact, it is the most truthful and honoring thing you can do.

Empty Arms, Hope-Filled Heart is an eBook that is a prayer for the mother who has lost a child.  It comes from my own experience with the loss of my newborn son and the journey I took towards truth and healing.

The book is filled with truth from God’s Word about how near He is when we go through a loss and answers many questions about how God sees loss and our pain.  If you or someone you love have ever lost a child then this book is meant to offer you hope, encouragement and healing.

Empty Arms, Hope-Filled Heart is a book that you can read in a small amount of time and is meant to be something you can go back to when your heart needs to be encouraged.


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